Decide for a solution with PRUEFSTER

3 choices that define your solution


Whose staff?

Whose staff will monitor the exam? Choose between the all-in-one solution with our employees or an usage of the infrastructur with own manpower.


Live or review?

The system allows to monitor participants live during their examination or to review recordings of participants who have taken your exam.


What´s monitored?

Depending on the required level of security, you can define which parts of the participants systems are recorded. From simple screensharing to a second camera.

Our manpower vs. Your manpower

Our manpower

  • Available day and night
  • Experienced in online exams
  • Know how to deal with the system
  • 70+ people available at peaks

Your manpower

  • Independent from our workload
  • Experienced with your participants
  • Know how to deal with the content
  • Scalable according to your manpower


If you have enough available human resources with technical know how in your organisation or small groups of participants with very special requirements, you can use our system to monitor and support the participants with own employees.
If you want to outsource the whole process or if you have more participants than you can handle, the all-in-one service with our experienced employees might be the right solution for you.

Live Proctoring vs. Record & Review

Live Proctoring

  • Direct intervention in fraud attemps
  • Correction of mistakes in the set up process
  • Exam is valid (or not) right after finishing

Record & Review

  • Unlimited participants can start at the same time
  • Flexibility to avoid usage peaks
  • Review in a defined period of time afterwards


If there are many participants that have to start at the same time, you can choose Record & Review. But there will be more exams reported as suspicious, because some participants will make mistakes during their security set up.
To make sure all participants comply with your regulations and to correct their mistakes (like bad camera postion) immediately, our Live Proctoring is the best choice. Same with exams that require high security.

Technical configuration


  • Screensharing is always active, in every model
  • The screen is recorded during the whole exam


  • Should be chosen for every exam
  • You can see what the participant is looking at


  • Is included when you choose the webcam
  • Records all sound in the participants room

Smartphone camera

  • Can be added for a detailed room scan
  • Participants scan a QR code to share the camera


The scope of the monitoring depends on the relation between the comfort for participants and the security requirements of the exam.
A solution with screenshare only can be used for exams with additional surveillance on site. Solutions with screenshare + webcam are suitable for exams with medium safety requirements, in which the technical effort should be reduced.
For important exams with a high security, the smartphone camera can be added for a room scan and a second perspective during the examination. The option is at least as secure as an exam on-site.

Our support professionals

Tech skills

  • Trained for the specials of proctoring
  • Experienced in solving participants issues

Real time translation

  • Our support speaks German and English
  • More than 10 languages are additional available through a real time translation


  • The support is available 24/7
  • The capacity is flexible for larger exams
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