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Can I host my exam at PRUEFSTER?

PRUEFSTER is a service that monitors and supports your customers while they take your exam online. We don´t offer an examination tool. But you can integrate and connect all your existing tools or LMS like Moodle, Blackboard, EvaExam, LPLUS, Hogrefe, ILIAS and many other...

If you have further questions, you can schedule a free consultion here.

How can I integrate my exam with PRUEFSTER?

There are different ways to integrate your exam, you can choose the best for your requirements. 


You can provide a general exam link that will forward your participants to your exam after the come through our proctoring.

You can also provide an individual link for every participant, that contains special information for an automatic log-in process.

If you use a tool that can be provided via LTI, the integration is very easy. We just need the launch URL + the secret key of your exam to connect it. Your participant will be automatically registered for your exam, after the click on the exam link.

It can be both ways: We consume your LTI tool or your tool consumes us. It depends in which tool the participant is registered first and which tool should be updated automatically afterwards.

Your participants can download / upload documents and work on them on their device, if you don´t have any exam online yet.

If you have further questions, you can schedule a free consultion here.

Are there content restrictions?

No, we don´t have restrictions for your content. It can be all types of questions for every topic.

We don´t have influence on what you provide to your participants.

You are responsible for the content and its accuracy. 

If you have further questions, you can schedule a free consultion here.

Is there a restriction regarding the length of an exam?

No, there are basically no restrictions. For very short and very long tests (<30min /> 3h) there may be some additional conditions.

If you have further questions, you can schedule a free consultion here.

Can I use an API ?

Yes, everything can be managed via a REST-API. You can automate your workflow completely.

If you have further questions, you can schedule a free consultion here.

Can I connect via LTI ?

Yes, you can connect an external platform via LTI. Once a platform is connected, you can choose the exams you want to proctor. 

If you have further questions, you can schedule a free consultion here.

How can I register the participants ?

There are different ways to register your customers for an exam, depending on the type of integration and number of participants.

You can use the API to register participants automatically at one step of your internal process.

CSV-files are another way to register groups of participants for different exams. If you only have small numbers, you can register them manually.

It´s also possible to share a registration link which can be used by your participants to register themselves.

If you have further questions, you can schedule a free consultion here.

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