Monitoring online exams with PRUEFSTER

We monitor your online exam

We monitor your participants while they take your exam online.

We accompany finals at universities, accessments for companies or license tests

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Modular scalable solutions

Choose between live proctoring, the review of recorded exams, different security measures and all types of integration. There is a model that fits for your requirements, no matter if you serve 5 participants per week or 5000 per day.

Highest security in industry

If you have high security requirements, we ensure that your exams are at least as safe as exams in presence. Be sure about the indentification of every participant and the observance of your regualtions. You decide about the monitorings security level and how we act with violations during the exam.

European solution

We are based in Germany, as are all our employees. All the software we use is hosted in Europe. Our service is GDPR compliant. Your exam will not leave the European Union.


Employees in Germany


Exams per day


Languages in real time translation

Comfort for your participants

The access and availability is an important part of your customer experience, which connects your participants to you. This provides a big advantage for your participants, who are able to participate from home or from abroad, without travelling.

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