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High Quality online proctoring services

Based in Germany (EU), delivering online proctoring to the world!

We monitor your participants while they take your exam online.

Our EU based online proctoring services are the perfect way to ensure nobody cheats.

Want to see how it works? Just book a demo!


We are looking forward to further projects together!

With the support of PRUEFSTER we were able to carry out various test projects, which had previously been carried out as face-to-face tests, remotely within a very short time. Thanks to the expert support of the PRUEFSTER team, this changeover and also the more than a thousand tests ran smoothly and successfully. Many thanks for the good cooperation - we are looking forward to further exciting projects together!

Theresa Rombach - HR Consultant and Product Owner Online-Testsystems , ITB Consulting GmbH

High quality online proctoring service!

Due to Covid-19 we had to find a way to secure our online exams. At PRUEFSTER we have found the perfect solution. Our existing systems were quickly integrated, the service is excellent and the proctors do a great job.

Werner Henschelchen - CEO , GASQ Service GmbH

Collaboration and communication were always straightforward

When the pandemic made it impossible to conduct admission tests in our test centers, we looked for a partner for proctoring tests and selected the provider with the best price-performance ratio. We were not disappointed: cooperation and communication were always straightforward, fast and professional. We are happy to have PRUEFSTER as a partner for our study aptitude tests.

Stephan Stegt - Partner , ITB Consulting GmbH

Our customers were happy

At this point, many thanks to our cooperation partner PRUEFSTER. We have run thousands of proctored exams over the past few months. Our customers were happy and we like to recommend PRUEFSTER at any time.

Executive Assistant , LPLUS GmbH

PRUEFSTER is a competent and reliable partner

As a worldwide provider of online Arabic exams, we offer a certification of Arabic language skills independent of language acquisition background. PRUEFSTER is a competent and reliable partner that enables us to offer Arabic language exams around the clock.

Robert Schulz - Technical Manager , AL-ARABIYYA-INSTITUTE

We were able to conduct tests despite the pandemic

By working with PRUEFSTER, we were able to enable many applicants to take part in subject-specific aptitude tests, despite the restrictions resulting from the pandemic. PRUEFSTER was always available to us and also supported us very much in the organization of the procedures (e.g. data protection measures). Proctoring worked stably and could be administered intuitively. Well-trained proctors found the right tone in contact with the users and were able to support them in using the system.

Hans-Jörg Didi - Partner , ITB Consulting GmbH

Perfect monitoring

Thanks to PRUEFSTER, we can now conduct our certification exams for Certified Systems Engineer online.
The monitoring works perfectly. The good, uncomplicated and cooperative collaboration with PRUEFSTER offers a real value.

Claudia Bösewetter - CEO , SE-ZERT

We ensure the safe access to your online exam

Comfort for your participants

Customer experience gets more and more important in every sector, but especially in education.

It´s a major advantage for your participants to take part in your exam from home or abroad, without any traveling. 

Security for your exam

Make sure the right person takes your exam and all participants follow your regulations.
Choose the level of monitoring and how to deal with any violations during the examination.

See what we do & how we do it

We ensure that the right persons take your exam and everybody follows your exam regulations.
No matter if it´s a final at an university, an accessment for a company or a test that leads to a license.

Modular solution

Choose between live proctoring, the review of recorded exams, different security measures and all types of integration.

Highest security in industry

If you have high security requirements, we ensure that your exams are at least as safe as exams in presence.

European solution

We are based in Germany, as are all our employees.  All the software we use is hosted in Europe. Your exam will not leave the European Union.


There is a model that fits for your requirements, no matter if you serve 5 participants per week or 5000 per day.

Our solutions

Different exams require different solutions.

Have a look on the different models available and see what their specifications are.


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See who we are, how we work and where we came from. If you have any questions about PRUEFSTER, you can always get in touch with us.

PRUEFSTER Onlineprüfungen GmbH


Lange Straße 27
29664 Walsrode


+49 5161 7893313

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is our service compliant with GDPR? Can you use our API? Is there an installation fee? Find the answers for the most common questions in our FAQ.